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About Us

Joshi Auto Industries have been manufacturing commercial vehicle brake drums since 1980.
We Manufacture light commercial vehicles (LCV), heavy commercial vehicles (HCV), trucks, trailers brake drums, Hubs, Hangar Brackets and components as per the customer's specific requirements and use, with high quality are distributed throughout the India & Export.
Joshi Auto Industries manufacture a wide range of products for Heavy Duty Vehicles – Trucks, Trailers and Buses.
  • Brake Drums for Heavy Duty Trucks & Trailers
  • Brake Drums for Light Commercial Vehicles
  • Wheel Hubs
  • Spring and brackets and Shackles


  • Tool Room
  • Pattern Designing
  • Moulding
  • Induction melting furnace
  • Heavy duty, high production Automatic and CNC machines to produce large volumes of components with consistent

Testing & Inspection

  • Spectrometer
  • Hardness and Tensile Testing
  • Metallurgical Micro structure
  • Quality Control Lab for Sand and Molding materials
  • Metrology Lab with Precision Instruments
  • Instruments for calibration of gauges
  • Calibrated Production and Inspection gauge